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What Does It Mean To Eat Healthy?

Food is a critical energy source for our body and there are thousands of opinions about healthy eating. We like to keep it as simple as possible and let nature lead the way with some basic rules: 1.) Eat vital, living food that was locally harvested. 2.) Review our list of unhealthy processed ingredients and consider removing them from daily intake. 3.) Don't eat ingredients that you can't pronounce or that looks like a chemical, because it is. 4.) Change eating habits as a family, focus first on the why. Because you love them and want to extend their life though healthy eating. Inform them of the following basics. 5.) Your body knows best, listen to it, recognize when you have reactions and

1 Reason To Never Miss Sleep Again

Did you know sleeping clears out the toxins from your brain? Sleep allows allows your brain cells to shrink up to 60% so the Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) can move through and clean out neurotoxins, unhealthy proteins, and help replenish your cells. Sleep also supports the removal of any toxic thoughts that accumulate during the day. In addition, your endocrine system needs down time to clean your other organs and pass any toxins to your liver for processing. Without sleep and periodic rest throughout the day your brain does not have the ability to restore itself. Not sleeping creates a toxic brain and studies show that prolonged insomnia results in fatigue, depression, delusion, seizures, demen

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