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Nature Rx - prescription that fixes all

When was the last time a Dr prescribed a good dose of nature to help you feel more alive, invigorated, connected, and refreshed? Enjoy this short video as it uses humor to remind us the side effects of something as simple as spending time in nature. Don't forget to take time out to participate in the ecosystems that literally sustain us, appreciate their complexity, beauty, and the services they provide us.

We are what we eat...

Food is gives us the energy that sustains us. Are you aware of what is in your food, where it came from, and how long since it was harvested to ensure the highest nutritional value? Most people eat without this knowledge. Because of our world economy it is often difficult to know all this information and it take time to keep track of. Check out this article about the FDA finally taking some action to get rid of the many unhealthy chemicals put in processed food

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