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Mindfulness In a Moment



Cultivate a positive mind-body balance in just a moment.

1. BREATHE - Pause and notice the quality of your breathing. Allow the breath to become slow and intentional, easy and natural. With each breath feel the rise and fall of your belly and chest like ocean waves rolling through. Inhale and silently repeat the word JOY. Exhale and silently repeat the word PEACE.

2. OBSERVE - Select an object in your environment and give it your full attention. It could be a tree, a bird, or a chair. Simply notice the thing you are looking at. Gaze with curiosity, as if seeing it for the first time. Visually explore every aspect of its formation. With a relaxed focus, enjoy your observation for as long as your concentration allows.

3. APPRECIATE - Bring to mind something in your life that you appreciate. Something that supports and enhances your existence. It could be a loved one, your toaster oven, or your good health. Generate a sense of warmth and gratitude for what you appreciate. Let those good feelings spread throughout your whole body. Smile and give thanks.


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