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Casa Alternavida Anchor

Solo retreat application

We are still recovering from the hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico and do not have all of our facilities back online yet. That said, we have a few rooms ready for "solo intensive" retreats which are all-inclusive, custom designed retreats for individuals experiencing a potential career burn-out, job change, anxiety around retirement, major life change, or in need of a deep nature connection experience. These retreats include airport pick-up, 3 healthy meals, snacks, hydration, and one of our signature nature-inspired rooms, wellness programming and coaching will be customized for the individual and includes a morning movement class, daily nature adventure (rainforest/ocean), daily coaching sessions (Yancy and/or Courtney), creativity time, cultural connections and access to additional practitioners for massage, energy work, acupuncture etc. The costs range depends on duration, location, number of additional practitioner services and needs      $680/day-$950/day. Please complete the form below.

Once we receive your form we will set up a 15minute call to go over further details and make sure we are good fit for your needs.

Thank you! We will get back to you shortly.

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