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Alternavida Leadership Retreats

Radical Solutions for Workplace Wellbeing

Alternavida Leadership Retreats

Our rapidly evolving world is requiring the way we work to evolve as well. The old corporate model isn’t working any longer. Corporations who aren’t up to speed are losing top talent and missing an opportunity to create the impact (and profit) they could be. Employees trying to fit into the old model are burning out and compromising their health, creativity and joy. 


At Alternavida, we believe there is a better way of doing things. Our mission is to create transformational change and eliminate the obstacles holding people back from their true potential at work and beyond. Employees at companies we work with have said, “I have become a better person because of what I have learned from you”.  


We primarily serve two types of populations: corporate teams ready to upgrade how they relate to each other and their work, and individuals on the brink of career burnout looking for a different way of doing work and life.

“My philosophy has always been, if you can put staff first, your customer second and shareholders third, effectively, in the end, the shareholders do well, the customers do better, and you yourself are happy”. ~ Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Airlines

Let "Work" Take On A Whole New Meaning

We are experts at creating experiences in nature that inspire deep personal insight and long term positive behavior change. Teams walk away with new excitement for their work, practices to work smarter, and deep appreciation of their companies. Individuals find clarity, deeper connection with their life’s purpose, and confidence to create a healthier work life.

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Evolve Your Culture

Organizations hire us to work with them to address the root causes of workplace stress, team underperformance, conflict, and high turnover rates. 


Advance Yourself

We teach individuals how to unravel unhealthy stress, overwhelm and old models of relating to their work so they can reach peak performance and fulfillment.


Visit Puerto Rico

We host transformational wellness retreats for teams and individuals at our  boutique retreat center nestled between the national rainforest and warm, turquoise ocean.

Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Annual Mtg, Puerto Rico 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016

Trusted Consultants for Conscious Companies

Alternavida Leadership Retreats
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Alternavida Leadership Retreats
Alternavida Leadership Retreats
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Alternavida Leadership Retreats
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“You have become part of our Tito's family. I can't thank you enough for helping us take our annual meeting to a whole new level with the volunteer projects and wellness recreation. It was exactly what we needed.” ~ Amy Lukken, Director of Philanthropy - Tito's

“Everything was perfection, your team really has the power to change people's lives, your presentation was short and concise, the food was incredible, and your group exercises and discussions exemplified the power and unlimited potential of our amazing team. Thank you for showing us the path forward and importance of emotional intelligence.”

~ David Melchor, CEO - Pravan Health 


Sound like something you and your team could use?

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