If you were unable to attend the  March 19th workshop we have the material here for you.

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Zoom Video Conferencing Registration is required. Please make sure your video and audio work, otherwise you will not be able to participate. 

The most contagious thing the world is facing right now is FEAR and what I am realizing is that, while legitimate, that fear is also robbing us of our creativity and joy. Because when we are in a creative flow state of mind, there is no obstacle or challenge that we can't find a work around for. Yet, when overcome by stress, fear and overwhelm our ability to move forward gets locked down, our immune system becomes suppressed, our nervous system is pinched, and the outlook is grim making us susceptible to getting sick. 


Most people are unconsciously trying to resolve the fear with their mind. It is an emotion that science tells us is best shifted with a body-based response. When in fear, people are not rational, and if left unchecked they become paranoid and fundamentally crazy impairing their decision making process (like hoarding toilet paper or using Tito’s Vodka as a disinfectant). It is time we band together to shift out of this. Join me for this live interactive workshop.