Let Nature Transform You

Rediscover Your True Identity


Alternavida retreats are the perfect opportunity to soak up the sun, eat well, be mindful, and immerse in nature. Whether coming as an individual to join a small number of others like you or as an individual or couple booking a solo retreat, we tailor authetic experiences to our audience. Our goal is to leave you inspired and equipped with practical tools for designing your own path to a happier, healthier, more purpose-driven lifestyle. Invest in yourself, unlock your inner potential, and forge meaningful connections with others, nature, and ultimately yourself.


Our starting point is benchmarking, so you can track and report progress with clear sight of short and long-term goals


We facilitate and integrate a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle design throughout your retreat experiences 


The design is an ongoing process of helping you customize your personal approach to wellbeing with measured results


The support we provide continues well beyond the actual retreat. With healthy lifestyle coaching and planning 

Practice the Art of Integration

It is a life-long practice of deeply integrating and balancing all aspects of wellbeing into your daily life. Our retreats provide an opportunity for you to experience a holistic approach with great practitioner support.

Enjoy Authentic Connection, Discussion, Adventure, Culture, Healthy Food and More..

“How do you explain three days in a space with people who think like you do, feel like you do, and generate the type of energy that if harnessed or bottled could take the world to a whole new place, full of love, and deeds of goodnesss, giving one hope for a kinder, gentler world.” -- Jennifer Green, Portland, Or

Rediscover Yourself at Your Best

When we eat nutrient rich foods, free our minds from stress, and connect with nature and each other, we experience an insatiable hunger to live life to its fullest. We serve up hefty portions of life nourishment, so bring a healthy appetite.

Experience Wellbeing as Nature Intended

Come immerse in the nature that's all around. You don't always know what's missing until you experience what feels right for you.

“After 60 years on this planet I felt I had life pretty well figured out. For me the Alternavida retreat opened up new exciting paths to explore with some exceptional guides."

-- Mark MacCracken, New York, NY 

Alternavida Leadership Retreats
Alternavida Leadership Retreats
Alternavida Leadership Retreats
Alternavida Leadership Retreats
Alternavida Leadership Retreats
Alternavida Leadership Retreats4
Alternavida Leadership Retreats
Alternavida Leadership Retreats

Prepare For a Classroom Without Walls

This is experiential learning where you taste, smell, touch, see, and feel the results of an intentional experience. A safe container where you are in charge of your own lesson plan, there are no absolutes, and there is plenty of support for you to explore. We joke about "brainwashing people to think for themselves" and in reality this is indeed an experience that helps clear your brain from all the noise preventing you from living life to its fullest.

Create a Lifestyle You Don't Need a Vacation From

For the first time in your life, imagine looking forward to returning to work. You've designed a new way of living. The vacation's not over, it's just beginning.

If you were unable to attend the  March 19th workshop we have the material here for you.

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