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Take time away to focus on yourself


We are all leaders at some level, and each of us deserves time away from our daily routine to vacation on our own with intention. Our nature inspired retreats are a blend of wellness skills workshops, fun filled adventure, relaxation, coaching, and nourishing organic food. Our transformational retreats provide authentic experiences that inspire designing your own path to a more purpose-driven lifestyle. Invest in yourself, unlock your inner potential, and forge meaningful connections with others, nature, and ultimately the deepest parts of yourself.

Experience Wellbeing As Nature Intended

Come immerse in the nature that's all around. Sandy beaches, lush forests, rushing waterfalls, and the sounds of tropical birds and other wildlife create an amazing backdrop for our diverse retreats. You don't always know what's missing until you experience what feels right for you. 

“After 60 years on this planet I felt I had life pretty well figured out. For me the Alternavida retreat opened up new exciting paths to explore with some exceptional guides." -- Mark MacCracken, CEO at Calmac Mfg Corp. 


Organize your own group of friends, peers, or industry professionals and we will curate a custom experience 


 Apply for a customized healthy lifestyle retreat for just you or join a small group of like-minded people. 

Get Inspired By Fresh Perspective

When we eat good food, free our minds from stress, and connect with nature and each other, we experience an insatiable hunger to live life to its fullest. 

“How do you explain three days in a space with people who think like you do, feel like you do, and generate the type of energy that if harnessed or bottled could take the world to a whole new place, full of love, and deeds of goodnesss, giving one hope for a kinder, gentler world.” -- Jennifer Green, HR & Recruiting at Vigor Industrial

Create a lifestyle you don't need a vacation from

For the first time in your life, imagine looking forward to returning to work. You've designed a new way of living. The vacation's not over, it's just beginning.