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Your team is your most valuable asset

We realized, after years of our own corporate experiences, that very few organizations know the ingredients for creating and maintaining a workplace of optimal wellbeing that yields higher productivity, innovation and retention. If you are a business that cares about your employees and wants to enhance your work environment, we are a consulting group dedicated to alternative ways of building resilient leaders and teams that yield a significant return on investment. Our adventurous, nature-based experiences engage the human spirit and enrich lives by teaching skills for high performance, heart-centered leadership at work and beyond. 

“My philosophy has always been, if you can put staff first, your customer second and shareholders third, effectively, in the end, the shareholders do well, the customers do better, and you yourself are happy”. ~ Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Airlines

We Offer Life-Changing Experiences

We are experts at creating experiences that inspire positive behavior change and infuse new life into a company's culture.

Evolve Your Culture

Organizations hire us to work with them to address the root causes of workplace stress. We customize our approach and take teams into realms they may not have thought was possible.

Advance Yourself

Individuals join us, and others like them, to unravel unhealthy stress, overwhelm, and anxiety so they can increase their enjoyment, effectiveness and bring their life into better balance.

Prioritize Growth

When it is time for a deep dive into critical issues facing leaders they reach out for one-on-one coaching or an intensive solo-retreat. These are effective for deep transformation. 

The ultimate long-term investment for your company

We create transformational experiences that build an ecosystem of optimal wellbeing so your team can operate at its highest potential. We teach proven skills to develop a cutting edge workplace culture that supports employees to:

  • Lead healthier lives and reduce workplace related illness

  • Feel supported, inspired and dedicated to their work

  • Work at peak creativity and efficiency

  • Operate in synergy and enhance collaboration

  • Successfully lead and inspire each other

  • Create fulfilling, passionate lives at work and beyond

There is not a one size fits all approach, we meet you where you are at and focus on what matters most to your organization while guiding you to healthier ways of doing things.



Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Annual Mtg, Puerto Rico 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016
Tito's Leadership Retreat, PR 2016

Trusted Consultants for Conscious Companies

Alternavida Leadership Retreats
Alternavida Leadership Retreats
Alternavida Leadership Retreats
Alternavida Leadership Retreats
Alternavida Leadership Retreats
Alternavida Leadership Retreats

“You have become part of our Tito's family. I can't thank you enough for helping us take our annual meeting to a whole new level with the volunteer projects and wellness recreation. It was exactly what we needed.” ~ Amy Lukken, Director of Philanthropy - Tito's

“Everything was perfection, your team really has the power to change people's lives, your presentation was short and concise, the food was incredible, and your group exercises and discussions exemplified the power and unlimited potential of our amazing team. Thank you for showing us the path forward and importance of emotional intelligence.”

~ David Melchor, CEO - Pravan Health 


“The 'Wellness Summit Experience'  you created for our customers boosted sales, helped us better connect to ourselves and has been really meaningful for our customers." ~ Jane Mahan, Director of Customer Experience - Interface Inc.

We inspire purpose and passion

By following our holistic model of optimal wellbeing, we incorporate far more than just the basics of physical health. We teach teams how to take ownership for creating a workplace culture of physical, mental, emotional, relational and environmental wellbeing. And we do it in a unique way. Going beyond simply sharing information, we guide teams through transformational experiences that create lasting impact and open people up to a different way of being with themselves and each other, such as:

  • Intentional adventure in nature 

  • Play and laughter 

  • Team building

  • Guided movement and meditation

  • Healthy, farm-to-table food experiences 

We can create unique half, full or multi-day retreats for your company as well as integrate wellbeing experiences into your annual meetings to enhance the experience for your employees. 


"Less than 20% of people change a behavior based on something they read or hear, yet more than 80% create behavior changes based on a transformational experience." ~ Cassandra Vieten, Institute of Noetic Sciences 


Sound like something you and your team could use?

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If you were unable to attend the  March 19th workshop we have the material here for you.

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