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Founded on the principle that there are healthier, “alternative” ways to balance life and work, the Spanish words alterna (alternative) and vida (life) were combined to create our business name, Alternavida. The alternative is a practical and wise choice to stop the unconscious addiction to stress, overwhelm, struggle and constant hard work to instead focus on a healthy, balanced lifestyle that yields better results. We like to get deep into the science behind what stimulates great collaboration, innovation, purpose, and productivity. 


Headquartered on the US island of Puerto Rico, we enjoy using our local rainforest, beaches and great climate to create transformational experiences with individuals and teams. We also travel to support our great clients in international locations. 


Old corporate culture

  • Hard work and struggle is the only way to get anywhere

  • Blame and gossip are commonplace

  • Work and life are kept separate (employees show one personality at work and another in life)

  • Stress is a sign of poor leadership, don't talk about it

  • Workplace drama is considered normal and accepted

  • Poor team dynamics create cut throat competition

  • Leaders are more focused on being right instead of listening to what is best for the team/company

  • Unhealthy environments are the norm (lack of healthy food, natural light, fresh air, regular movement)

  • Seriousness of work leads to burnout 

  • Employee turnover, low productivity, and engagement blamed on a generation that doesn't want to work  

New alternative culture

  • Balance creates greater productivity in work and life 

  • Appreciation and communication are the norm

  • Work and personal life are seen as integral with a focus on being authentic, enhancing optimal wellbeing 

  • Practices to manage stress are demonstrated daily

  • Taking full responsibility for experiences eliminate drama

  • Heart-based relationships create deeper collaboration

  • Leaders are quick to create the outcomes they want from their teams without criticizing.

  • We are part of nature and need access to it daily in our office, at home and time spent outside. 

  • Fun and play make joyful, healthier, productive employees

  • People are the priority, employees are aligned with passion and purpose and the bottom line is successful


The Alternavida method creates:

Change through practical approaches

Learn ways to engage employees that increases trust and loyalty.

Change through fun, adventure and play 

Learn the art of balancing the seriousness of the corporate world with authentic joy.

Change through inspiring passion and purpose

Learn how to strengthen your culture with what matters most to your employees and partners.

Change through evidence based training 

Learn how the latest scientific research is changing approaches to corporate wellness culture


A note from the founder

In my 12 year corporate career I worked hard to become a leader in the green building industry. I was accomplishing great things and making a difference in my field, but unfortunately, I sacrificed my own health in the process. In 2013, at age 37, I ended up in the ICU with a sudden heart condition caused by stress. I began to rethink my life and where I had been focusing my energy. I was under resourced personally, blaming those around me, and had lost my sense of my purpose to the point that my health suffered. After much deliberation, I departed my great career and after several years of deep personal growth work I started to see how much pressure I had been putting on myself to achieve. I learned about my unconscious commitments to struggle and work hard instead of prioritizing my own wellbeing in a balanced way.  Most importantly, I began to envision an alternative path to building a great career and taking care of my health. The vision for an alternative lifestyle started to unfold and Alternavida was created. My realization that very few workplaces create a culture emphasizing optimal wellbeing inspired me to create a program that helps prevent other leaders from experiencing what I had gone through. - Yancy Wright


Professionals creating transformational team building experiences

As a group of creative, versatile, and diverse practitioners, we enjoy working with teams to inspire positive behavior change using magical settings in nature.

CEO, Facilitator, Leadership Coach, Nature Adventure Guide

Yancy Wright is a visionary leader with an ability to take individuals, and teams into realms they never thought were possible. He is certified as a Big Leap Conscious Communications coach through the Hendricks Institute, and a Wellness coach through the HeartMath Institute. In his corporate career, his leadership as Director of Sustainability led Sellen Construction to become the largest green building contractor in Washington State. He developed much needed curriculum for the industry and managed a wide variety of teams to deliver more than 40 green building projects (LEED) for world-class clients like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft, GSA, Amazon, and Seattle Children’s Hospital. After experiencing a career burn-out and related health issues, he decided to leave Seattle, transform his own life, and take on the mission of developing healthier leaders for the future. As the founder of Alternavida, Yancy has led retreats that have influenced more than 2000 people in the corporate world showing them how to make a big impact at work while taking ownership of their own wellbeing. He is passionate about bridging the gap between corporate sustainability and people sustainability by focusing on what matters most: conscious leadership.


Co-facilitator, Relationship Specialist, Yoga, Mindfulness, Nutrition

Courtney Giancaterino has dedicated her career path to supporting personal growth and focuses her vast knowledge on relationships. She believes an individual's relationship to self and their relating to others is key to shifting how teams collaborate and interact. She teaches stress management practices such as breathwork, yoga, and mindfulness and shows people how they can take ownership over their own health. For the last 5 years she has taught leaders how to use their built-in resources to restore the flow of vital energy throughout the body, find inner peace and take ownership of their wellbeing. She also holds a Bachelor of Science from Tufts University in psychology and public health. Through the interactive tools and principles of yoga, meditation, and emotional intelligence, Courtney empowers leaders to be the best version of themselves, while increasing aliveness, confidence, and authentic self expression.


Crystal Rios
Facilitator, Massage, Yoga, Relationship Coach

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JeMa Garcia-Mathews
Taino Culture, Native plant guide 

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Omar & Samantha
Nutrition, Puerto Rican Farm to Table Chefs 

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Dr. Tony Murczek
Naturopathic Dr, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture 

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Stephen Masullo
Meditation, Yoga, Thai Massage

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Yadira Torte
Body work, Yoga, Creativity guide 

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Joel Burrow
Nature Whisperer  Shamanic Practitioner

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